Yikes! Ann-Christine’s topic this week is more than just one challenge for me! Explanation: My real challenge is that my toes are arthritic and I can’t wear many shoes except for Birkenstocks. I have managed to find a tennis shoe that I can wear for a few hours. It’s all subjective isn’t it! For some feet shoes can mean classy, dressy, casual, fun or barefoot. For me it’s Birkenstocks because of the support they give.

Now for photography, many things have feet (okay hooves) some even have shoes like this horse.

Most animals have feet although we refer to them with different names.

Dogs have paws. With some dogs we can see their toes, but some are covered. Can we say they have socks?

Wildlife like this deer have hooves (feet) but no shoes!

My Raggedy Ann has feet and shoes.

This egret flying up from a nest has claws (feet) but no shoes.

Last, but most important, are humans. No matter how they slide, they have feet and shoes!

So much for feet and shoes. Now it’s time to rest my feet without shoes on! Thanks Ann-Christine!!

22 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #161: Feet and Shoes

  1. A lovely post, Anne! I have been waiting for more animals – and here they are! I love the way you talk about calling them different names, the feet. Well illustrated too!
    I believe many of us no longer can wear those fancy shoes of our youth…I was very sad to leave my beauties to some second hand stores. I used to love shoes, boots, sandals. And I loved my feet too – they were nicely slender and no big size. My daughter and I don’t share sizes, unfortunately. I had hoped to keep the prettiest shoes in the family! I have saved a couple of them though…just had to. Silly me. I know some ladies will be happy to find my pretty shoes in the second hand shop!

    Love your Raggedy Ann β™₯


    1. Thank you Ann-Christine! This one was a challenge since I don’t have pictures of feet or shoes==human that is! It was a lot of fun finding the twist. I now know the difference between a birds claw and a talon! Yes, shoes as we get older offer less style. I’m waiting for Birkenstock to design a pretty shoe. Hopefully in my lifetime!! Thanks again.


  2. Wonderful post Anne – loved that you featured the many different “feet” of the animals, great idea! Also loved your Raggedy Ann. While I can still wear shoes of many kinds, high heels and fancy pumps are sadly a thing of the past for me too. I have a wedding coming up in October and I’m already stressing about what the heck I can put on my feet LOL!


    1. Thanks Tina! There are a lot of pretty flats now. While currently I’m not needing a dress shoe, I think about what I would do if I was invited to a Wedding. Most flats run across the joint where I had surgery–an added problem! I think I’ve decided to buy a fancy pair of slacks and get a pretty top. That way I can wear basic shoes. Take care and I hope your house is coming along.


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