Yikes! This week’s challenge from Ana is postcards. I never bought them when I traveled because I knew I would be home before the reader received them. Fortunately she suggested that we post images of our own that we thought would make good postcards. As I started looking through my archives, I remembered that each year I create a calendar to give friends and family. So here are some of my images on my 2019 calendar that I think would make a nice postcard.

Thanks Ana for taking me down memory lane.

In her post, Ana gave many good reasons for buying and collecting postcards and what they mean to her. I might start buying them now!

28 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #159: Postcards

  1. Wonderful collection of postcards you have shown us here. I love them, I would take them all home. Although I have to confess, I stopped buying postcards a long time ago, maybe, too, I’ll do it again now.
    Thanks for your participation, Anne 😘


  2. Definitely postcard- and calendar-worthy photos! I think they are really lovely. It might be fun to find or make a preset to make them look like some of the old postcards from the 1950s! Nice work!


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