Sacramento may be called the “City of Trees” but a truer name would be “River City!” Or maybe Rivers City for the two main rivers that run through Sacramento. In addition, there are many creeks. Cripple Creek runs through my community. If we travel an hour or two, we can visit water areas in the Bay Area.

So, John, it’s a pleasure to take your challenge on! I love living here so close to the rivers, creeks and ponds. But as my images will show, there are many aspects to water around here.

How about the San Francisco Bay shore line where many water fowl are present. This one was photographed while walking the Marina Bay Trail which is a short 1.7 miles. If I still had my bird book (lost when I moved), I could probably ID it for you.

We also have water in fountains. This one was photographed in Tiburon while waiting for the ferry to Angel Island.

The city of San Francisco seen from Treasure Island also gives us a great bay view.

Putah Creek runs through the UC Davis Arboretum, attracting all sorts of water birds. Here we see a great egret.

And then there are ponds. We found this on on private property, and yes we asked if we could photograph it.

Rain water leaves puddles behind that capture wonderful reflections.

Water can also hide hidden treasure. My friend Ken is gold panning near a river.

Last we have the Spirit of Sacramento. She’s an old paddle boat that got stranded when the Sacramento River receded. Once after a lot of rain, I saw her in water. She hasn’t been moved in ages.

So there you have some of the water examples in and near Sacramento. Thank you John for this fun challenge. Next week I’ll be hosting a Black and White challenge. Take care and have a great week.

27 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #155: On the Water

  1. I didn’t realize Sacramento was built around two rivers… and me a California boy (though born in the midwest, I grew up in Long Beach).
    You have plenty of water subjects in your part of the state, for sure. It is a shame to see that beautiful old paddlewheel just sitting there rotting.
    I am a big fan of black and white, so you can bet I will have a few images to share.


    1. Thank you Sarah! I think you may have ID’d the bird. And thanks for that too. We can’t get too close to the boat because it’s received historic landmark status. We have to use a long lens and shoot from outside the fencing.


  2. So many lovely photos here, Anne. I particularly like the egret framed against the black background. My eye was also immediately drawn to the sky in the photo below which looked like a foaming sea. I turned the photo upside down and it looked equally good. Nice photo of your friend, Ken, too.


  3. I really enjoy this series, Anne. Beautiful egret image, the reflection image is great shot. I also love the sunset especially.


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