Spots and dots? This challenge from Ann Christine put my lack of creativity to a test. Fortunately, I got some ideas from members who posted before me. They do say that imitation is the best form of flattery!

Animals were shown in a few posts; at least those having spots. So off I went to my Sacramento Zoo archives.

I also found a dog with spots. Not a dog called spot. I spotted him in one of my tours of a small town. Sorry, I couldn’t resist having some word fun.

And you’ll never know what you’ll find at IKEA. With a Photoshop filter, I turned a dotted pillow into a swirl with a center dot.

Every year there are Christmas lights that you can shoot normally or zoom. But they all start out as brightly lit dots.

Finally, you know how much I love photographing flowers. Whether it’s a macro, showing the stamens or a field dotted with golden poppies, I totally enjoy it.

This was a fun exercise. Thank you Ann Christine for the challenge!

26 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #148: Spots and Dots

  1. Well done Anne – that spotted dog is FABULOUS!!! One wonders how many people have thought to take his photo! Also loved your swirl and of course your flowers!


  2. Ah, then I got you thinking and doing! And so well done! I love word fun – thank you for adding that too! Of course I love the dog – well spotted, Anne. Unfortunately I lost my Totti last Friday, and I do believe your dog could be the same breed. Totti had the same colours.
    Thank you for a fun post!


    1. Oh Ann Christine, I am so sorry about Totti. They are family and we do love them. That was a dog I saw while on a shoot not mine. My Gem is a Schnoodle and will be 11 years in June. He’s black except for white on one side of his nose and on the tips of his paws. He rules our home! Take care and thanks for the challenge.


      1. β™₯ Bless your little one – and indeed they rule our homes. Totti was to turn 13 this week, but alas. I am glad it was unexpected and fast. Good for him. Milo is left alone though, and looking for Totti at his favourite places. He is also very low, much more silent than before. He will get used to it… He is a big boy now, turned three last week.


      1. That’s so interesting, Anne! I’ve read of people spending the night there, hiding and then sleeping on a bed!


  3. Thanks Tracy! I like the giraffe too. The grater is one of those stand up graters. IKEA is a fun place to take your camera, and they don’t mind you photographing their products.


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