I hate to work them, but I love to look at and photograph them. The “them” are gardens. And when I do photograph them, I tend to do macro or close up work. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a formal garden. So, for Amy’s challenge of gardens, I looked back about 3 years and this is what I found.

Maple Rock Gardens is a private residence that is open to the public for special events. Linda and I visited during one of those events.

Each year in June I love taking pictures of sunflowers in and around Woodland. Usually on the way out we, my photo buddies, go to Mezger Zinnia Patch. They ask people to come and pick the flowers for their own use and to give away to others who can’t get out. The zinnias always attract butterflies.

Soon we’ll be looking to photograph the lotus at William Land Park in Sacramento.

And finally are roses from the McKinley Rose Garden in Sacramento.

I now realize I do have to photograph more landscape images of the beautiful gardens near me. While I do enjoy macro work, sometimes I need to look at the big picture!

21 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #147: Gardens

  1. LOL for the big picture Anne – I know just what you mean. the flowers draw us in for detail, don’t they? Beautiful images, every one! How nice to have photo-buddies to share the joy. It always makes and outing more fun, don’t you think?


    1. Thanks Tina! I just love doing macro photography and the challenge of it. But this post made me realize the need for me to photograph the entire garden too. This is funny after my picture within the picture post! šŸ˜Š I enjoy doing photography with others. We’re sort of like a family now and it is more fun.


    1. Thank you Amy! I live next to a wonderful gardener which puts me on a guilt trip that I don’t do the same. She doesn’t put me on the trip. Her amazing talent does!


  2. Anne, you were right the other day, when you said that we have a lot in common, that first sentence could well have been written by me: I hate to work them…
    Beautiful images!


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