You never know where you’ll end up when on a photo outing with your photo pod. You start out with a destination in mind and a fork in the road can lead you somewhere else! That’s what happened when we started out to find a field of the California Poppy, our State flower. Our destination was Jackson, but I’m not sure where we ended up. Not Jackson and no poppy fields.

So we decided to capture the flowers and poppies in Sutter Creek. It’s always fun to visit that small town anyway, and it was getting to be hungry time. We found potted poppies and other things in the town.

On our way back to the town we spotted a mine from the road, but it was too early to enter it, if we could due to the COVID pandemic. So we took our pictures from the road and went into town.

Now in Sutter Creek. Stores and restaurants were just beginning to open.

With full tummies and a nice walk around town, we headed home. We stopped along the way to photograph this barn and vineyard.

We weren’t done yet! We spotted a model airplane airport and Ray instinctively drove in to see what was happening. Once in, I remembered I stopped there with Richard, but there was a new type of plane that I’d never seen before. The wings were like cellophane and it buzzed around the sky fast.

I still want that poppy field and hope to get to it before it’s gone. But, we did have a fun journey!

5 thoughts on “In search of poppies: Sutter Creek

  1. A lovely tour, Anne. So glad to hear shops and restaurants were just beginning to open. It’s wonderful to be out in the field. 🙂


  2. Nice to get out and about! Not a lot of poppies or lupines this year, but the fact we can get out is wonderful. You are so lucky to have a local group to enjoy, and to go places. You got some lovely shots, too!


    1. Thanks -N! We have a lot of both wildflowers here, but I haven’t gotten to them. We’re going to try to find the poppies this coming week. Yes, I’m glad to have a group of like minded friends to go out with.


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