Awareness of natural light is essential in photography. Some photographers only go out when the light is optimum. I go out whenever I can and make the best of it! I’ve become good at reducing shadows and highlights in post. This week Amy wants us to show images taken at various times of the day.

Since I rarely get out for a sunrise, mid morning is the time you’ll find me out shooting. Here’s a picture of a painter doing a mural during Sacramento’s Wide Open Wall festival. The sun was in position to show his shadow on the ground and on the wall as he’s painting.

We’re getting slightly later in the morning. This blue heron is facing the sun which lights up his face and beak.

This building along the Sacramento River Walk is in bright sunlight and shadow.

The sunlight streaming through the foliage at Effie Yeaw Nature Center gives this tree expression and beauty. Moss grows where sunlight rarely hits.

And then there’s no sunlight. Folsom Prison looks especially formidable on a foggy day.

We are now approaching sunset time. This is when the light begins what will be a beautiful sunset.

And let’s not forget the darkness. We may not be capturing natural light, but manmade light can be fun and a challenge like this long exposure at Sunrise Mall’s small carnival.

Thank you Amy for this archival trip. It was fun.

25 thoughts on “Lens-Artists 138: Natural Light

  1. Thanks Tina! I’m glad you liked the mural painter, and I was glad to have caught him painting. I live about 30 minutes away from the prison which may be too close!


  2. A beautiful set of natural light collection. The picture of a painter is great, love the shadow of the painter. The photo of clouds behind those trees is well capture.


  3. I’m with you, Anne. Why else do we have Photoshop! There is also plenty of wildlife to be photographed in the middle of the day. Creativity too can happen at any time of day or night, as your painter photo shows. It is really fabulous. The light suits all your shots.


  4. A wonderful gallery, Anne. The blue heron is stunning and Folsom Prison is chilling! I love all these different moods created by the light and environment. I love that long exposure, too!


    1. Thank you Patti! Light does create mood. I’m so glad it was overcast and rainy the day we went to photograph Folsom prison. I wonder what mood it would have had if the sun and some clouds were out??

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