Patti’s challenge of Emotions was a true challenge for me. Wow, where do I start? Right now here in the U.S. emotions are all over the place from the pandemic to politics to what do I make for dinner! I went out on a photo shoot this morning to ground myself. It worked. Photography is my get-away-from it all.

While searching in my archives for street photography, I realized there were none from last year. I’m thinking I’m lucky to have photographed what I did in 2020. So here are images that I think depict or evoke emotion.

Anticipation. My younger granddaughter is waiting for her birthday party guests to arrive.

Delight. This young girl is in total delight on this bungee ride on the Embarcadero in San Francisco.

Hopelessness. Taken on the same trip as above.

Patience. Husband waiting outside of store for wife.

Attitude. Taken at the Sacramento Zoo with her mom’s permission.

Joy. This is Tom Rigney at the Sacramento Music Festival. He and his band Flambeau were favorites. The festival was discontinued a few years ago.

Love. This feeling can extend between humans and their pets.

My personal emotional challenge this next week is to let go of fear and concentrate on joy and gratitude. Stay safe everyone!

16 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #131: Emotions

  1. Hi, Anne. What a wonderful post! I totally enjoyed it. The photos, your thoughts. The one image that I absolutely love is your granddaughter waiting for her friends to arrive. Your personal challenge, which you mentioned at the end of your post, is mine too! Less fear, more time in the moment, finding joy…Let’s hope we both make some progress towards that goal this week!!


  2. Beautiful post Anne – you’ve got quite a number of really wonderful emotional images. Loved the fiddler of course but your granddaughter and the little girl in full regalia really made me smile – and isn’t THAT an accomplishment these days! Here’s hoping for more joy for all of us.


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