I started writing this blog last Wednesday. Then the unthinkable happened. I couldn’t continue after the U.S. Capitol Building was stormed and taken over by an angry, hateful, destructive mob. This resulted in an insurrection against the U. S. Government. Worse, was to see these people on the news wearing t-shirts that spewed out hate and urging killing of more people. (Five died that day.) My heart broke Wednesday. It’s been a week, and I realize that we must go on.

I did write a post for Lens-Artists on Saturday, and that helped. Fortunately, that was written and approved before the insurrection. The response brightened my days, and now I can do this post. So let’s talk about the monopod success!

Richard and I drove up to the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge a couple of weeks ago. Photo buddy Ray was kind enough to make me a short monopod for my Nikon and 300 mm, F/4 lens in hopes I could handle the weight better. With Richard as driver and spotter, we went forth.

The hand-held mono pod helped me a great deal. The camera didn’t shake when I held it up. It was amazing. Thank you Ray!!

Here are some images I was able to capture:

I’m so proud that I was actually able to spot a lot of these, but having Richard drive freed me to move around in the car. You can’t get out of your car on the one-way route.

My great monopod adventure was a success!

10 thoughts on “A handheld monopod adventure: Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge.

  1. Well done! Wildlife pictures are always best when close up and personal, as they say, as you get such a better view of the critter. Now, how about a 50 lb. 1000mm?? Looking forward to more.


  2. Thanks -N! A 50 lb. 1000mm??? I’d need a muscular young person to carry it for me! Once I saw a guy sitting with a big lens with a couple of extenders, two tripods holding the lenses. Now he couldn’t move. He just waited for birds to come to him!


    1. Thanks Susan! I have a full monopod too, but it was too heavy with my Nikon and big lens. Ray made me a short one that is lighter and much easier to carry. It can only be used for handheld photography though. It just stabilizes the lens.


  3. Beautiful photos of these birds
    I am glad you finally felt you could post them. I can well.understand your dismay at what happened at the Capitol. I am not American but I felt a desperate chill while watching the TV coverage of this appalling insurrection. So thank you for the lovely birds.


    1. Thank you Anne! Our photos have healing power. I was thinking of you when I was photographing horses for the first time today. My husbands friend’s wife has two horses, We met them and she rode one for us. I’ve just started on the processing.

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  4. Wowza Anne! The little ones are sweet of course but the hawks and eagle are magnificent! I was a bit confused about the monopod tho. Were you using it INSIDE the car??? How interesting!


  5. Thanks Tina! The monopod is small. When closed it’s 12 inches. That’s the length I used while in the car. It can extend a few inches more. It screws into the lens for balance. I found that by holding it right up at the top, near the lens, gave me the stabilization I needed. I want to try it again when I’m walking with it. The Nikon and long lens is really heavy for me.


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