Oh my, this one is easy since I walk my neighborhood every day. Actually, I don’t have a choice, Gem will follow me until I take him out for our daily mostly 2-mile jaunt. It’s his walk and his choice where he goes. And where he goes, I follow. So Ann Christine, thank you for this topic!

Flowers are abundant in my community. From roses to tulips, they are beautiful.

I couldn’t resist taking pictures of goslings even though I’m not too fond of their parents. We have an abundance of wild turkeys too. I keep reminding them that Thanksgiving is near, but they don’t pay attention because they know they are protected.

And finally we have mushrooms. Ana of Anvica’s Gallery reminded me of them in her current post, “Time for Mushrooms.” Here are two varieties taken at different times. If you live in a senior community, take a sign saying “I’m okay!” with you as you lie face-down in the grass!

I don’t bring my camera on my walks with Gem. He wants all of my attention. When we first went on lockdown, I was grateful for living where I do. All us dog walkers, would stop and talk. I didn’t feel alone. Take care everyone!

20 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #123: Found in the Neighborhood

  1. Loved your walk Anne, and good your you and Gem for your healthy 2 mile walk. Fresh air, sunshine and flowers with you constant companion….what could be better?! Your flowers are glorious!


  2. A beautiful neighborhood indeed – lucky you and Gem! Such gorgeous flowers and lovely mushrooms. Your close-ups are wonderful. And yes – we have so many things to be grateful for, we dog owners! I must agree about turkeys and some other fowls though…sometimes their parents are not that nice, but the little ones are adorable. Wishing you a nice Sunday walk!


  3. Lovely walk, Anne. I really love that macro shot of the mushrooms. The light and colors are wonderful. And of course, the flowers are beautiful, too. You do live in a lovely spot. Isn’t it great that our dogs get us out of the house and keep us in shape?!? I wish I could have another canine pal, but I will again someday.


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