This challenge brought to us by Ann-Christine is a difficult one for me because I really don’t have a hideaway. I even checked the dictionary to see if I could put a twist on it, but the dictionary let me down. One thing I could possible spin off on is that a hideaway is a place to get away from people. So, let’s expand that to getting away from it all. When I want to get away from it all, I go on a photo road trip.

These day trips began when I met Greg Morris a fellow photographer who passed away in 2016. He would pick me up in the morning with some destination in mind. We might reach it or we might not. Either way, it was an adventure.

Soon Marlene joined us and our threesome would venture out every Tuesday. Since he was driving, we had no control of where we went. Well, we did, but we didn’t want to! When Greg became terminally ill with glioblastoma brain cancer, Marlene and I would take him out to places he had taken us. We would take turns walking with him.

This post is dedicated to Greg Morris who showed me the fun of getting in the car, with maybe a destination in mind, and enjoying the get-a-way day. Here are some pictures of our last outing with him to Discovery Park in Sacramento. This park is a the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers.

Thank you Ann-Christine for taking me down memory lane. I still enjoy road trips and went out with my friend Jean yesterday for one. Like driving with Greg, we never did reach our destination, but we did have fun!

25 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Challenge #119: My Hideaway

  1. I like your hideaway. For me, trees and water and no people are the best places to be. Too many people here, and not enough water that isn’t ocean. Oh well! I think you did a fine job here, as well as made a wonderful tribute to your friend. I have a friend I used to paint with who now has glioblastoma; the pandemic has created a void that is worse than losing a friend at times because you cannot see them for fear of making them sicker than they are.

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  2. Thank you -N! I’m so sorry about your friend. It’s hard when you can’t visit and spend time with them. Maybe visiting them virtually could help. When Greg became too sick to shoot, he was hospitalized for the last few weeks of his life. It’s a tough disease.


  3. That is a sad story Anne, but at the same time it made me think of how important friendships are, and also of how much your friend would love to know what fond memories he’s gifted you with. Wonderful that you are carrying on the tradition with your beautiful photography. Some of my very favorite outings have been with good friends who are also photographers going to some place or another to enjoy their company, capture some images and compare our results. Thank YOU for the fond reminder as well, and for sharing your beautiful images with us.

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  4. Thank you Tina! Greg left a lot of us photographers with fond memories. I think our goal in life should be to leave enough impact that we live on in others’ memories. Greg is probably not happy that I’m still not using a tripod all the time. He always used his. Always! Take care!


  5. Hi Anne, I’m sure you have been thinking I don’t read your posts! I like your choice of (hideaway) escape as any kind of a road trip is also mine. I was once a “traveling salesman” so my car and the road are always my hideaway. When I’m tired of the proverbial four walls and the conversations with the dogs aren’t enough I grab my camera and get in the car. And like you, Greg, Marlene and many others, it isn’t the destination but the journey that fills the heart and brings a smile. My camera adds an extra element to my viewing of the world around me and I feel a sense of wonder and calm and isn’t that what a hideaway also provides? I really like the photo with the lock and the sunset too!

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      1. Yes, it is. But you’re right. You have to find friends who are as cautious as you are. We are new in town, but fortunately we have new friends who live here and are as cautious as we are–maybe more. We walk together. That feels safe. I hope you can do the same thing.


  6. Pattimoed. Yes, I do. I live in a small community and walk the dog every morning. I stop and chat with my neighbors. And I have a great photography pod to shoot with. When this is over, I’m going on a photo trip up the coast!


  7. I remember when he passed away, but what a great way to pay tribute to someone who inspired your inner passion. And, as someone else posted a great reminder of how important it is to have those quality friendships. Thanks for sharing 😊❀


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