What an exciting topic from our guest host Biasini with some help from her human Ma Leueen who helped her out with the typing. Horses can’t type. You’ll have to read the original super interesting post here.

Animals do communicate with each other and humans. My dog Gem will continuously ask me to take him for a walk until I finally do. One morning he came to me while I was eating breakfast. I knew what he wanted, a walk. I told him it was too early and to come back in one hour. He came back in 58 minutes. I told him he was 2 minutes too early! True story.

I love going to the Sacramento Zoo just to visit with the animals. They talk to each other.

Music speaks to us in different ways. I can’t carry a tune or play an instrument, but music is an important part of my life. It brings back memories. And it touches our hearts, especially when the memory is mutual. Richard and I used to work the Sacramento Music Festival until it closed. Two of our favorites were Tom Rigney and Flambeau and Dave Bennett.

Music also tells us about different cultures. Last year’s Asian New Year Festival in Isleton featured taiko drummers. They were amazing. Along with their music came an explanation of the culture attached.

And finally there is human non-verbal communication. Marlene and I happened to be in San Francisco for a photo walk along the Embarcadero. These next two images communicate human emotion.

Communication is key to our getting along as a society. The animals at the zoo know that, do we?

23 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #118: Communication

  1. Anne Human this such an interesting post! Ma Leueen has shown me all your photos and read your words to me as well. I had to laugh a bit at the flamingos. I have never seen such birds in my life. 🐴


    1. Biasini, I’m so glad your human took the time to show you and read you my post. I’m so glad you found it interesting. Yes, flamingos are funny and beautiful at the same time. You are beautiful too.


  2. Excellent – and you are so right about how we are doing in communication nowadays. Animals are better at it than we are. And our societies will collapse if we do not mend in communication.


  3. Wonderful post, Anne…both in words and images. I especially love your closing statement: “Communication is key to our getting along as a society. The animals at the zoo know that, do we?” It sure seems like we haven’t learned.


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