Smile!” That’s what I told a dear friend who has the pandemic blues. That’s what I’m telling myself today! Thank you Olivia for creating this wonderful reminder.

Olivia is my 9 year old (almost 10) granddaughter. I saw she was working and concentrating on something at her desk after she finished her school work. She came over to me and showed me this awesome and colorful picture. I smiled and asked if I could have it. She thought a few seconds and shook her head yes. It now has its place on my fridge. Actually I’m thinking of framing it. What do you think?

So many of us have reached the depression stage in this pandemic. In addition, here in California, we have fire. Our entire state is blazing. Those of us who have forced inside because of smoke and ash really shouldn’t complain. We have our homes. But it’s still depressing.

I’ve gone in my kitchen a lot lately just to be reminded to SMILE! You have my permission to print and copy this wonderful smiley face when you feel depressed and trapped inside. I’m sure Olivia won’t mind!

Oh, WordPress wouldn’t let me use Olivia’s picture as the featured image, so I’m using the Mickey Mouse puzzle my grandson Christopher made for me. Mickey helps me smile too!

8 thoughts on “Smile: Getting through the pandemic blues!

  1. Love this Anne – she’s very talented, great use of color. Weird WP wouldn’t let you use it as a featured image ???? Hope you’re not too badly impacted by the fires. Such a tragedy.


  2. Thank you Tina! WordPress is weird! I think it had something to do with the size, too small! So far fire hasn’t reached Sacramento suburbs, but we are engulfed in smoke. My older granddaughter lives near Salem Oregon, and she’s prepared to evacuate. She just bought that house! What else does 2020 have in store for us? Stay well.


  3. Thank you for sharing the uplifting smiley face! Even though we don’t have smoke here in Ohio, I agree with your sentiments regarding COVID-19. Keep up your spirit and stay well.


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