Heat! That’s the challenge summer brings to the Sacramento area. Due to climate change, our infrequent triple digit weather has become the norm. Add to that, we need to stay away from our rivers and lakes because of social distancing. It’s not my favorite season. But the flowers are blooming and I love macro and close up photography.

So here are some macro/close up floral images for Amy’s summer challenge:

As I’m posting this, they are predicting a high of 98 degrees and right now it’s 92 degrees. My garden will be pruned tomorrow morning! There might be a photography tutorial in my future this afternoon.

28 thoughts on “Len-Artist Challenge 104: Summer

  1. Beautiful photos Anne!!! I know what you mean… I don’t like heat either!! I’m going to Spain in a few days, where temperatures above 100º are also the common thing… I’m even thinking on leaving my camera here!! I’m not sure I’m going to go out with that kind of temperatures… (I’ll take it, of course… because “just in case”, hehehe)
    Have a beautiful week!! And take care, Anne!


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