Get your telephoto lens ready, it’s that time of the year. Lotus flowers bloom locally each year at William Land Park in Sacramento. They take up one end of the small lake, and they are beautiful.

This year, I couldn’t believe how big the leaves were. They were almost as spectacular as the blossoms.

I wasn’t alone on a recent Saturday. There were many others, most were wearing masks, including photographers visiting. Most of the other photographers had super long lenses balanced on tripods. I wish I could see what they were getting. I had a 200 mm reach and was doing fine hand-holding my camera.

Of course you know I love to do close ups. Some cropping in post processing were done to these images. Okay, maybe a lot!! Love my new camera!!

There are more lotus from this visit and to my short visit to the Vedanta Society of Sacramento’s small lotus pond. Next Post!!

26 thoughts on “The Lotus are blooming! William Land Park

      1. As for content, you’ve got so many beautiful pictures it would be hard to choose. There are several ways to share. Leave a link to your post in the comments at Tina Schell’s blog, Tavels and Trifles; and add a tag (LENS-ARTISTS) to your post. That’s how it’s typically done. One more thing, Cee Neurner is the heart and soul of these challenges so you most definitely want to post a link in her blog; and while you’re there check out all of the other challenges. It’s an awesome group of people who love to share their photos. Here’s a link to Cee’s post.

        You can also add a pingback to Cee’s blog by linking to her post in your post. For example, you could simply add LENS-ARTISTS challenge to your post and link it to Cee’s post. This will add a direct link on her blog back to your post. It’s not necessary to add a link in her comments and do a pingback as they both achieve the same purpose.


  1. These are wonderful Anne, so glad David encouraged you to join us! We do a new challenge each week so hope we’ll see you again. The new challenge is posted each week at noon EST on the Lens-artists Tag in the WP Reader. BTW. What’s the new camera??


    1. Thanks Tina. The new camera is a Fujifilm XT3. I’m still a little confused about the Lens-artists community. What day of the week is the new challenge posted, and will it automatically be posted in my WP reader? Or, should I sign up somewhere? I’m assuming that we can reach into our archives for the challenge. Thanks for your encouragement and help.


      1. Hi Anne – I’m an X-T2 shooter myself. Thinking about the 4 but watching the lens announcements for now. Re our challenge, so glad you’re joining us with your beautiful photography. Here’s a link that explains it all but in general we have 4 people on our team and an occasional guest host (Cee this week for example). One of us posts a new challenge every Saturday at noon EST. The post always appears in the Lens-Artists Tag section of the reader but it’s easiest just to follow us. There’s a set of instructions on the link for more info. Thanks for following up!


  2. These flowers are indeed worth a visit! We don’t have this kind of flowers here in Switzerland… just the few that grow in the small botanical garden in Zurich (but the pond where they grow is too small… I’ve never seen flowers there, just giant leaves and lots of frogs on them, hehehe).
    The colors of the flowers and those greens are very beautiful! Camera, edition or a great combination of both??


    1. The pond at Land Park is just amazing. It’s sad though when the season is over. Now what did you mean by “Camera, edition or combination of both?” Part 2 might be posted today!


  3. Oh WOWZA, your lotus are so beautiful. They are one of my favorite flowers. I get the opportunity to see them often. We only have one nursery that carries them that is fairly close to where I live. Thanks so much for sharing your photos with all of us at Lens Artist. Have a terrific week.


    1. Thank you Cee! It’s a privilege to be a part of the Lens Artist group. I’m still a little confused, but I’ll get the hang of it. The large pond at Land Park is just amazing. More to come in my post today.


  4. You’ve shown lots of interesting details here – the water pooling in the leaves, the character of the blooms and the contrast of the open flower in the buds – and the overall impression is glorious. No mean feat, hand held in such bright sunlight.


      1. I was quite shocked yesterday to discover my sister didn’t know what a foxglove was, but then if we all knew the same things, life would be much less interesting.


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