These paintings are not new to Slow Shutter Speed. I try to photograph the new additions each year. This time I thought, since we were going on our adventure during the week, we would avoid the parking meters downtown and look for the murals on Del Paso Rd. in Sacramento. Wow, was I disappointed!

This is not the best area in Sacramento, but I didn’t think the murals would also not be the best. Also the map on the Wide Open Walls site was incorrect. The highlight of the morning was having to buy something to eat to use the bathroom at a fast food restaurant. We all managed to use the facilities on one small order of hot dog something or other!

I did find a couple of gems before we headed toward the California Automobile Museum and surrounding area.

Next we headed to a different part of town, but still away from the parking meters and downtown.

And, finally, the garage doors at the California Automobile Museum.

The next time we schedule to photograph the murals, we’ll go on a Sunday–parking is free!

2 thoughts on “Painting the walls: Wide Open Walls 2019

  1. Wow, these murals I love!! I think it’s great when business owners let artists decorate their walls. There you see that graffiti is more than vandalism but another art! I like the letters, so colorful! And very well composed, Anne!


  2. Thanks Mercedes. I think Wide Open Walls is adding a wonderful dimension to Sacramento. Why have plain walls when you can have beautiful art. Some of the store owners paint over them after a while. Too bad. I hope to get out and get some more!


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