I have been to car shows, but not one had this many vintage vehicles! I’ve been to Ironstone Vineyards in Murphys before to photograph flowers and the grounds. That alone took most of the day! But there were cars and trailers all over, including an amphibian car that I missed!

We stayed until about 1 p.m. (got there at 10 a.m.) but had to leave after lunch. I would have liked to have gone back to shoot the flowers, but I needed to get to my son and daughter-in-law’s house warming. The drive each way is 2 hours. However, I did get to photograph most of the cars. No, I’m not going to show you all of them! But, this will be a 2-part post.

While editing these photos, I came upon a dilemma. I come from a journalistic background, and as a non-fiction writer, we did not embellish our stories in any way. We basically wrote the facts in an interesting and readable way. Photographing this car show is basically telling a non-fiction story through photographs. So, do I do some image altering edits, or stick to the basics. Most are basic edits, but I did add some filters to some to make them look older. What do you think?

Let’s begin with hood ornaments which were straight edits. I do like to get up close and some were beautiful.

Now for some of the scenery and full or mostly full images of the vehicles. If I had my way there would be greater separation between cars and only me at the show! I can dream, but I truly don’t mind crowds. I just make the people part of the image.

6 thoughts on “Cars, cars and more: Concours d’Elegance at Ironstone Vineyards

  1. What a stunning show, Anne! I love these vintage cars and how well cared they look! So shinny and spotless always! I’ve never been in one of those shows, but it must be fun seeing all these cars together!! It’s funny, because these photos remind me of Switzerland: during summer you can see these gems in the highways, and the best part is the drivers usually look like out of an old postcard with their caps, mustaches, old sunglasses, gloves… hehehe
    Anyway, great job! Love the compositions! I love these cars but I think it’s not easy to compose a photo with one in it (specially if there’s people around!)


    1. Thanks Mercedes. I was a little disappointed that the owners weren’t in period costumes. I’m not sure if they are the same participants. This group travels from venue to venue. I’ll let you know in the second post!


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