When is a valley hilly? Never. In spite of that Marlene and I went to Napa to find more vineyards for my daughter-in-law Jess. We did find vineyards, but mostly wineries. I thought the Plymouth area vineyards were more eye catching and had more rolling hills.

But we did find lovely things to photograph, including the vineyards. We first found the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) at Copia which is a branch campus of the private culinary college. The building was simply beautiful, inside and out! You’ll find a store that has everything “kitchen,” a Julia Child exhibit and exhibition of her husband Paul’s photography.

They also have a restaurant, cooking classes, rotating exhibits, host events, and more. If you’re in Napa, stop in for an amazing experience.

Next we found the CIA at Greystone. This is where they teach students to become our future chefs. The building was Greystone Cellars, once the largest stone winery in the world. Its amazing history through its purchase by the CIA can be found here.

Marlene and I did not take the tour, but viewed as much of the building as we could. We shot the entry and outside. I really could have used my ultra-wide lens here!

And, yes, we did get vineyards!

And, so ends my vineyard quest. At least I hope so!!!

2 thoughts on “In search of vineyards, part 2: Napa Valley

  1. I like the hilly country vineyards because of the lines created by the rows of grapes. It is also interesting to see the architecture at many of them. The fact that you got to the CIA (with proper clearances, no doubt) is really interesting. Julia Child was an amazing woman, and her husband Paul a great photographer. If you haven’t read her biography by her nephew, you should. It’s a good read, and it has a lot of Paul Child’s photography in it, too.


  2. I agree about the hilly vineyards. Flat land just doesn’t have the same impact. Thanks for the lead on Julia Child’s biography. Yes, I thought that getting into the CIA was funny too! I was thinking of putting a bit of humor about it in the post, but thought no, better not!


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