Summer, it’s the season when local farmer’s markets abound, and I do enjoy taking pictures of the produce and people. But, you never know what you’ll find when you get there. The Folsom farmers market, in Folsom, was more representative of large growers than local. I asked several vendors where their farm was located, and they answered they were representing a large farm based elsewhere. Here are some produce images.

I was probably also not “in the mood!” I find that my attitude and health affect what and how I shoot. Whatever it was, I enjoyed taking photos of the dogs than the produce.

There were a couple of food trucks that I thought were interesting.

But, I truly enjoyed how the light fell on this flag.

So, maybe, it was a good morning shoot after all!

2 thoughts on “To the market we go: Folsom Farmers Market

  1. The light in the last photo is gorgeous, Anne!! I understand what you meant… You can go to a place ready to take amazing photos, but when you arrive there’s something that blocks you… Glad to see that you managed to focus on other things and take beautiful photos anyway!
    By the way… I love when there are dogs around too, but I’m always too afraid to photograph them. I know it’s different in every country but, what is usually the reaction of the owners? I always think they’ll get annoyed, as if I were photographing their kids without permission…


  2. Thank you Mercedes. Most dog owners like having you take pictures of their dogs. They may even help out a bit. The same is true with kids. I always ask first, and the parent usually says, “sure.” If I were to try to sell the image, etc. I’d use a model release. If I shoot a child without permission, it’s usually from the back so you don’t see their face. Sometimes their silhoutte is so cute.


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