Finally, a Tuesday with just the threat of rain! This was great timing since Yolo Arts and Ag had scheduled time for artists at Capay Valley Ranches in Capay Valley. This organization provides artists access to various ranches and farms in Yolo County. Painters will bring their easels, brushes and whatever medium they use and photographers bring tripods and cameras.

They let us roam the venue at will, giving us the opportunity to get great images and to get a feel for what life on a ranch is. Capay Valley is home to almond orchards. The trees are normally in bloom now; but with the cold and wet weather, they are not in full bloom.

This was disappointing, but we made the best of it, and enjoyed the partial sunlight. Oh, the wind was furious and gave us an additional challenge! I love my walk around 18 – 140 lens. Even with wind, it can stop action.

Here are some of my images from that windy, cold morning. It was great to be outside without an umbrella!

4 thoughts on “A rain break: Capay Valley Ranches

  1. Beautiful photos, Anne!! Well, it looks like spring got its way to California too! I understand the frustration with the almond trees… Here in Switzerland I live close to the “cherry” canton and last year I tried a few hikes just to see the cherry blossoms… some were too early, some too late (and I had a wedding in Spain just in the middle, during the perfect days to see the blossoms….)
    Btw, I love the close ups!


  2. Thank you Mercedes. Sometimes Mother Nature rules over us. The first dry 70 degree F day, and we’ll be out the next day to catch the blossoms. We think that’s how fast they’ll come out, if at all.


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