Yes, it’s still raining here in sunny California. In fact, we are getting atmospheric storms. A woman in Toastmasters this morning told us that her neighbor’s tree ended up in her pool! They are preparing for floods in certain areas that usually flood in rains like this. Discovery Park, a nice picnic area on the American River has been closed off. Many years in the past, those tables were under water!

Today, I was able to walk my dog, Gem, on his usual 2-mile trek. But, as I write this, the rain is coming down.

So, back to the Antique Trove in Roseville. I always bring money in with me when I shoot inside because I mignt find something I can’t live without. It’s also nice to buy something as a way of saying thanks for letting a photography group invade the store. Here are the last of the images I took.

2 thoughts on “It’s raining, it’s pouring: Antique Trove, part 2

  1. Again, really nice photos, Anne! I’m sure this was a great opportunity to do some exercises of deep of field and composition 🙂
    Now I’m curious… did you buy anything?? I’d have bought the old camera!! Looks awesome!! (actually, when I went to Basel last Christmas, there was a flea market and a woman was selling old cameras. I bought a Franka Solida III from the 50’s!! And I think it works! I’d love to start a collection of old cameras and learn how to shoot with film and very old cameras, hehehe)


    1. Thanks Mercedes. I didn’t buy anything this time, but I did before. Yes, that camera was purchase worthy, but my house is so full. I remember my dad giving me one like it when I was maybe about 11 or 12. I used it, stored it and then threw it away sometime in my 20s. We don’t realise the value of antiques until we are one!! There’s a fellow photographer who collects cameras. He basically goes into thrift stores and finds treasures–that still work!


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