Merry Christmas everyone!

I finally finished editing my Kauai trip. Two of my photo buddies, Laura and Marlene, went, using my time share condo. This was my first trip dedicated to photography, and I was grateful to have two great friends along. It seems I never stop learning.

I made mention of my trip in a prior post, and my photo blogging buddy, Donna Robinson of Donna Robinson Photography, said she was looking forward to my Kauai posts so she could get some great tips of what to do when she goes. Well Donna, I can give you tips on NOT what to do!

First don’t pack every lens thinking you may need them. Really, do you want to miss any photo opportunity Hawaii can offer? I packed 5 lenses and two cameras. You do need a second camera if one breaks! Fortunately, I had a case that just fit all that stuff. Oh, I forgot to mention a flash and loop.

Second, don’t pack anything heavier than you can carry. I decided to put my camera bag and overnight tote on a luggage carrier and wheel through the airport. This worked until it was time to get on the plane. Then I had to carry the camera bag, tote and luggage carrier onto the plane. This wasn’t easy for a 75 year old weakling. Worse, when we were trying to catch our connecting flight, I didn’t have time to load up the luggage carrier. That night, my hip hurt and was hurting through the entire trip.

Third, check the camera settings. I shot on JPEG the whole week! I’m blaming the fact that I didn’t realize it on being 75!

Last, make sure you put your new logo into Lightroom on your laptop!

So Donna, that’s what not to do!

We spent our first day traveling to Waimea Canyon, stopping along the way at various turnouts, enjoyed our first introduction to shaved ice at Joe Joe’s, went on to Swinging Bridge and then caught our only sunset along Waimea Canyon Drive.

Here’s day one!


6 thoughts on “Do as I say…..Kauai, Hawaii

  1. Thanks Donna. Travel photography is fun; you just have to afford it. Did you know there’s another Donna Robinson Photography in Texas? I found her when I was looking for your URL.


  2. Gorgeous photos, Anne! And very useful tips, indeed!! Hehehe. I think I should follow them, because I make every of those mistakes in every trip or travel I make… hehehe.
    I hope Santa was good with you this year!!! Merry Christmas, dear!


  3. Thanks Mercedes. I guess we all do make these mistakes at sometime or another. This was the second time that somehow my camera got on JPEG, but this was the first time I didn’t realize it! This has been a strange December. I missed most of Chanukah being in Kauai, and my kids are elsewhere for Christmas. (We’re a blended family.) Last night we went out for the traditional Jew night at the movies and today I’m going with photo buddies to shoot wildlife. We’ll have to catch up with gifts in January! Take care and Happy New Year!


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