I didn’t do that well Tuesday night at the Sierra Camera Club, in Sacramento, competition, but then I expected I wouldn’t. Sometimes pictures look great on the monitor, but not so great when they are printed. That was my predicament.

When I looked at the prints, I was dismayed. I decided to enter them anyway. After all I’m there to learn, and I did. The scores range from 8 to 12. I got two 10s and two 11s. I’ll confess that the judge didn’t give a score under 10! Print is just one of several categories, and for me, the most difficult. I’m not the only one printing out 8 x 12 images, but we are in the minority. However, I don’t think I’m ready to invest the money in larger prints.

In the digital categories, I have been awarded 12s, but never made it to the golden “13.” But, I’m happy. I joined this group to learn, and I have. I’ve also learned how to look at images. It’s amazing what details the judges see that I haven’t trained my eye to look for.

Toastmasters has trained me not to take critiquing as an assualt on my abilities. So, I understand that judging is subjective. There have been a few times when I dissagreed with the judge; but, after a few weeks, I saw that the judge was so right! Sometimes we get attached to our product and what we see in it that we don’t view it with a critical eye.

I thank the fantastic members of the Club. They are most eager to help, and just seeing their work gives me something to shoot for. Most of all, I feel great when my images are competitive with theirs.

If you are a new photographer, I urge you to join this type of club. There’s always something new to learn. You’ll find some of my entries below.



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  1. I think this is the first time I’ve written to tell you how much I enjoy your posts, Anne!  I look forward to them.  This one sparked my interest because you’re offering your work for judging, and you’re getting feedback in the moment.  I’ve entered most of the local competitions for the last couple of years, but the only feedback I get is if there’s a ribbon, and then it’s not specific.

    I would be interested in hearing the specific feedback you got on the images you included in your post.  🙂



    1. Thank you cd. I’ve never entered a competition at a fair or gallery. This is a club where they judge photos at their meetings. I don’t know if there is that type of club where you live. You might check. I joined to learn, and I am.

      Here goes, according to my memory. The barn got a good critique and maybe an 11 or 12. The pelican didn’t do well. The judge thought some of the highlights were blown out. The Arches NP got an 11 because the crop was too close to the top of the rock formation. I think the spider got a 12 and the moon got a 12. I can’t remember what the homeless guy, the flamingo, tiger and landscape got. They were from 2017. The praying mantis got a 12. Can’t remember what the next landscape got. The black and white landscape got a 12. And I can’t remember what the Husbnd Bench got. The featured photo got an 11 at the club meeting last Tuesday.


  2. You may not get the perfect photo for every competition, but it’s a better price to learn to have a photographic eye, I think! It’s all about learning and improve your skills!
    I love the Capitol photo since the first time you posted! That one is brilliant!


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