After a 2-week respite from our move, I’m back to finish up–or try to complete unpacking boxes, etc. The house is mostly set up now; things still need to be moved around and set up. We are still trying to find things. Do you know where my rice cooker is??

Now, back to Sedona. This visit was more of a relaxing visit with a bit of photography mixed in. We stayed at Sedona Pines where the 2-bedrooms were separate cabin-like structures. This suited our lifestyle since Alyse is up late and wakes up late while I’m the opposite. I’d get up in the morning, have breakfast, walk, work on photos, etc. By the time I was hungry for lunch, Alyse was up having breakfast. We would spend the day roaming around Sedona. In the evening, we’d come back and enjoy watching TV.

I’ll be honest, as much as I wanted to take Alyse’s car and go shooting, I really needed the rest. Anyway, here is a glimpse of the red rocks of Sedona in Arizona, just in case you haven’t seen it already.



14 thoughts on “Home again: Sedona, AZ

  1. Sedona must be an awesome place! Those rock formations look very interesting and photogenic! But yes, I know that sometimes you just have to relax even if you’re in a photographer’s paradise… hehehe (I want to think that this is what happens to me when I go to Spain…. I always carry the camera but I also need to rest! And I never take as many photos as I planned, hehehe)


  2. Oh, it is an awesome place. You need to put it on your must visit list. Hiking will bring you to more beauty. The best part about Sedona are the vortexes. If you want to get in touch with your spiritual self, that’s the place to be.


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