I’m still not moved. I’m still frustrated. I need comfort food. I went to the Sacramento Zoo. I love that place and haven’t been there since January. You never know what the animals will be doing.

One of the snow leopards was pacing in the enclosure, the mighty lions were asleep on top of their new platforms, the wood ducks were hiding, the new flamingo babies were finally placed with the grown ups, the orangutans were hiding, the wolf guenon exhibit and tiger exhibits were closed, the red river hog babies are almost full grown and the wallabies were finally letting me take good pictures. A gal can miss a lot in a few months!

Yes, the animals put me in a better mood, so did one young lady destined for stardom. I took her picture with her mom’s permission.

After the zoo, we went to shoot at the WPA Rock Garden for a few minutes. It was great to get out with my camera and away from the move.

6 thoughts on “Comfort food needed: Sacramento Zoo & WPA Rock Garden

  1. Really lovely photos, Anne!! I love the first one, so delicate and subtle use of the deep of field and focus! The rest are great too!! This post makes me want to go to the zoo again!! hehehe! (It’s been more than a year since I left “my” dear fallow deer in Dublin and I miss so much photographing wildlife!!). I hope you can finish moving soon!! (says the one still with some boxes unpacked after one year, hahaha)


  2. Thank you Mercedes. I didn’t have my macro lens with me, but I think my 18 – 140 does a decent job. When we moved to the house we are moving from, we had some of the small stuff left in a 44 ft. trailer at our plant. As I unpacked, it was daunting to try to find stuff in the trailer, so I just bought new. In the end, we sold the trailer and threw out most of the contents. When you do get to your unpacked boxes, it will be like Christmas!


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