Not packing or unpacking! Yes, today is a day off. Since we decided to move, I’ve gone on two photo outings, and, even then, I packed at night. Then, the next day, I unpacked at the other house. We are painting, putting in new floors and taking care of other things at our small home. The kitchen is almost set up. The rest of the move is easy.

Today, is a rest and blogging day. Last weekend I needed to take a break, drive somewhere and shoot. So, I rounded up photo buddies Laura and Linda and away I drove to Michigan Bar Road. This road is located in a rural area of Sacramento County. To get there, you drive on Highway 16 or Jackson Hwy through beautiful scenery, and in the summer, you can buy the best corn ever at the Davis Ranch produce stand. I’ve posted images from this road before, so I tried to get different angles, etc. Then we had the bright idea to go beyond the paved road and get home a different way. I do need to tell you it’s been raining here off and on for two weeks, and I was hoping that with a few dry days, the dirt roads would be more or less dry.

Not!! Going 7 – 10 mph can take about 45 minutes to go 4 miles! I made it through three shallow large puddles with the help of my valiant crew, but was stopped by this pool. We had to turn around.


On the way back to the paved road, I had to set down the law because my pals were still wanting to stop to take pictures. No more pictures, we needed to get home. This was a fun adventure, and it rained the next few days so my car got cleaned outside. (I looked for every puddle to go through to get the underside clean.)

Each of us had a reason to get out and experience a bit of photography, so we all enjoyed our adventure. The next day it was back to moving for me, but my break was great!


9 thoughts on “Not today: Michigan Bar Road Adventure

    1. Thanks Karen. I’m happy with the photos, but the adventure was more fun. Too bad
      I wasn’t driving your truck! Next time I go that far on a dirt road, your coming with me and driving! I thought my Camry did great until that last puddle.

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  1. Glad to see you back here, Anne!!! I hope the moving it’s not being too stressful and you have some time to evade with your camera!!
    The photos are gorgeous!! I think I got enough snowy landscapes for this year (it’s still cold and snowing here in Zurich), so watching these green and blue photos are a sight for my eyes!! 😛 Love those all barns and rusty colors and the animal portraits!
    Have a great week!


    1. Thanks Mercedes. There’s time off from packing, etc. We are having the house painted and new floors put in. I was telling my photo buddy that I wanted to go up and shoot the snow when the rain stops. You know when the roads are not icy and they are clear, but the houses and landscape still has snow. I’m not picky! Have a great week too.


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