My frustration has nothing to do with my outing to the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge (SWR)  in Willows, California. It has everything to do with creating a calendar of my photos that I give as holiday gifts each year. It’s usually a joy to create this and would only take a couple of hours, resizing images and placing them in the calendar. This year it took about 5 hours and two calls to the Costco Photo website.

Apparently, they have a new website, and things don’t work the way they used to. My problem was that it kept warning me that my photos weren’t sized right. The two representatives gave me two different sizes. The last, the largest pixel count, only worked on the smaller images. So, my calendar is full of images three to six on a page.

I could go on, but it won’t help. Let’s concentrate on the wildlife refuge. I went with Laura for a full day of shooting. We started out at SWR and ended at Gray Lodge Wildlife Area for a sunset that did not disappoint.

I had my F/4, 300 mm lens attached to my D7100. It was a great day. We saw a deer that almost came up to the car, a juvenile bald eagle enjoying a meal, and the usual feathered wildlife.

SWR is a driving tour, and you can’t get out of the car. So quite a few times, this senior climbed up to the sunroof so I could shoot the birds on the driver’s side! Did you get that I’m a senior!

Anyway, take a look at what we found. And, next year I may not do a photo calendar. I don’t like frustration! I’m glad I have photography to calm me down.




8 thoughts on “Frustration: Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

  1. A very nice series. You really need to have vehicle that allows you to shoot in the open. Sounds like a time to rent a open Jeep if one can be found.
    Sorry to hear of your frustration with calendar prep. I just did mine with Zazzle. I selected the calendar with 14 images. It took me about 2 hours. It was my first experience with them and it was okay. I would have preferred to have had the images a bit larger. I had to increase the screen size to work. I’ll let you know how it turn out.


    1. Thanks Tim. I’ve never had a problem with Costco, but they have a new firm doing their website and it’s frustrating now. And, worse, the reps don’t have the right answers. I’ll look into Zazzzle. Costco is $9 for an 8 1/2 by 11. Shutterfly was twice that.

      Well, at SWR most of the action is on the driver’s side. When we were looking for Sand Hills, the action was on the passenger side–and I almost drove! Maybe renting a jeep is a good idea. Then we won’t be taking home mosquitoes with us!


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