I admit it, I am tenacious. I don’t give up easily. I mentioned in my last post that we went back into the Park to find Polebridge and Bowman Lake but the road was closed because of fire. So instead, we took a path near Lake McDonald. It was smokey, but not that bad.

After, we stopped in West Glacier and found the Canadian Visitor’s Center. We were going into Canada the next day to visit Waterton Lake National Park and needed to know the best route to take. The gal was very helpful, and, loaded with maps, directions and confidence, we left.

On the way home (the trailer), we decided to drive up to the Hungry Horse Dam and Hungry Horse Lake. It was a worthy trip. There are so many lakes in this area, and they are beautiful. While there, we met a family from Kansas doing a whirlwind road trip. After they left, I realized how lucky we are to be living on the West Coast. In Sacramento, we are 2 hours away from mountain life and beaches. We enjoy visiting several lakes and are surrounded by rivers.

Back to GNP and surrounding area. This trip would be perfect if it wasn’t for the smoke and the haze it creates. When you see the clouds emerging from the dissipating smoke, you realize what a beautiful sky it is. However this trip, we’re not seeing it. I’m hoping that for at least one day, it will clear. I don’t give up!

4 thoughts on “On the road again: Try again, Glacier National Park & Hungry Horse Dam

  1. What a lovely vacation you are having! I would be interested to know how your entrance into Canada went, and how your return to the US was . . . we hear so many stories! Looking forward to more.


    1. Since you asked, getting into Canada wasn’t difficult, but the boarder guard was a bit of a jerk. After the usual questions of where we were going and how long we were staying, he asked us questions like did you see that stop sign? Did you know you were supposed to stop on these lines? He had our passports while he was asking these questions that went on and on. Fortunately, another car came up, and he returned our passports and told us to enjoy our visit. Coming back in to the US was easy and no inane questions were asked.

      Now, why were you curious about this?

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      1. With the current political situation here in the US, and stories from friends, I was curious. When we went to Canada on our honeymoon 20 years ago, coming and going was so easy. Family members who flew to a Canadian airport in their own plane (a 2-seater prop), they were greeted with friendly custom officials, but were met with loaded rifles at the American airport they returned to, suspected of drug trafficking and who knows what else. Canadians are cancelling visits here if they are on the “unwelcome” list. Hence my curiosity.

        Thanks for your answer! It was pretty interesting. Everyone is different.


  2. I was ready to ask for our passports back so we could turn around and leave! Fortunately, Richard was speaking to him. We thought it was because Canada is not happy with our current president–hence the attitude. I’m not happy with him and did not vote for him.

    The US border guards joked with us and sent us on our way.


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