With my GPS to guide us, Brenda (my sister-in-law) and I set out to find the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta, Georgia. This was the first outing that brought us a good distance out of Peachtree City. After driving around town with me, Brenda was used to going around in circles, and this trip was no different! We did find the museum and a parking lot, and only went around the block once!

When you first go in, there’s a reception area where visitors are given a soda. You wait and then the tour begins. The kid giving me a soda was doing his welcome bit and asked where I was from. When he heard California, he said, “I want to visit there someday. I hear you have some nice hills.” Well, I just had to tell him that those hills were called mountains and were more than 7,000 feet high! I do love living in California.

The tour was fun and took most of the day with time out for a lunch break. When we got back, we went to see my brother for my last time. For me this was, barring a miracle, good-bye. That night, I sat feeling so empty inside.

After a few days home, we did have a miracle of sorts. My nephew sent me a picture of my brother with his head up. He couldn’t lift it up for more than a week. At least he can see people and eat if he wants.

I’m just hoping his angels and internal GPS guide him on his journey. Love you Chuck!


6 thoughts on “The end of my Georgia journey: World of Coca Cola, Atlanta Georgia

  1. Anne, I like the whole story about your visit to Georgia. I’m glad you were able to visit with your brother and spend time with the rest of your family.
    A short anecdote…Thanksgiving of 1990 I visited a friend in Little Rock, AR. we took a drive into the Ozark Mountains to a cabin and at one point I asked when we would get to the mountains only to learn we were already there. A bunch of skinny trees clumped together were a forest! When I returned to CA and crossed Donner Summit I took a photo of the elevation sign and sent it to my friend’s friends stating “This is a mountain!”. We all had a good laugh.


    1. Thanks Karen. When we drove across country, we stayed in an RV park in Springfield, IL. I was talking to a woman who saw the California plates. She said that she had visited California. I asked how she liked it. She said she didn’t. I asked, “Why?” She said, “You have mountains there!”

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