It’s back; the rain! It’s been raining for most of the week, something we’re not used to here in sunny California. Whatever the inconvenience, it’s wonderful. We are in our sixth drought year, and, hopefully, this will be the last. Of course, now they’re saying that it’s a warm rain and will melt some of the mountain snow pack! Frustrating! Yes, a lot of exclamation points. Now they’re also preparing some of the foothill, river and creek areas for flooding. Oh Mother Nature, are you a tease?

As photographers, we run out with our cameras on days that are more or less dry. But this post is ending my trip to Richmond, Rosie the Riveter Museum and Monument, Point Richmond and the SS Red Oak Victory Ship.

In my last post, I showed you the Museum and we peeked inside the old Ford Assembly Plant. Today we’ll visit Point Richmond, the Memorial (a bit of a disappointment and hard to find), and the SS Red Oak.

What really impressed me was how the shipyard put Richmond on the map, increased it’s population and importance. As soon as the war ended, the shipyard closed, people lost their jobs and Richmond lost its importance. Richmond survived and is proud of its history. Take a look at some of that history.

They say it will rain through the weekend. Maybe some Photoshop tutorials will occupy some of my time.

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