Liz made me do it! Okay, she didn’t exactly make me go to the Global Winter Wonderland at Sacramento’s Cal Expo. She asked. Since I hadn’t seen her in a long time, I agreed to go back to something I thought I wouldn’t.

I was there in 2o14 and was disappointed. The exhibits were blown up and held down with large ties. You couldn’t go in them. Yes, there was a lot of color, but the ropes and ties got in the way of photographing. I did try my had at slow shutter speed effects, and had fun doing that. But it wasn’t enough to go back.

I stayed away in 2015. However, Liz was enough to have me go back to the yearly event. It was a little better. The exhibits were smaller and not tied down as they were in 2014. Maybe they were weighted instead. They also had arches you could walk through. I tried to shoot the exhibits in an unusual way, and once again I had fun with the carnival rides.

At coffee afterwards, Liz was complaining that her photos were sort of “pedestrian,” and my comment was, “Well look at where we’re at!” I saw her images in her camera, and she did well.

For me, the fun was shooting with her and catching up. I’m so glad she sort of made me do it!




8 thoughts on “Color and lights: Global Winter Wonderland, Sacramento

  1. OK I loved the peacock, arches , Ferris wheel, dragon The most!! Glad you want to come with us to see the Moscow ‘s Nutcracker Now to try & get us tickets. Love you tons, Cay⛄️⛄️📷📷

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  2. Looks like it was a fantastic place to practice night photography. You have a lot of interesting photos here, Anne!! And a lot of different techniques! Love this post!
    I’d love to find a place like this one in Christmas, but I don’t think I’ll find it in Dublin or Spain when I go there, hehehe.


    1. Thank you Mercedes. I’d help you find color and lights in Dublin and Spain! Oh, I do wish I could travel there. Look for neighborhood carnivals. Do you have neighborhoods that decorate their homes for Christmas? Sometimes shopping centers have Christmas lights as part of their decorations. Let me know if you find color and light this season.


      1. I just saw this!! In Spain we only have the city centre decorations. And in Dublin, we have also the city centre ligths and a big Christmas tree in each neighborhood! But nothing else… hehehe. Hope next year I am somewhere with ferry wheels or something more festive and with lots of lights, hehehe! 🙂


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