I missed the fireworks at our neighborhood block party yesterday. I was inside holding my Schnoodle, Gem, who was wrapped in his favorite throw. It was the only way to calm him down and stop him from shaking. This is one of the by products of legal fireworks. The noise scares animals.

But, I did get to shoot some fireworks the night before. Linda and I went to the Sun City Roseville fireworks show. We were a little disappointed because most of the beauty was at the tree line with only a few above them. But, this did give us an opportunity to get some light trails along with the bursts.

This was my first time shooting without an expert helping with exposure, shutter speed, etc. I began experimenting with different shutter speeds, leaving my aperture at F/ 14. Also we were closer than I’ve been before, so shooting at 18 mm was a must to gain focus.

The next day, our block party started at 7 p.m. with games. We have more kids on the block now and former residents came to visit. There were more people than I expected. We haven’t been home the last 2 holidays and things have changed.

It was fun, and it was good to see the block full of young kids again. By the time the car race (Each car was powered by Piccolo Pete fireworks.) was over it was almost too dark to shoot the rest of the games, so I put my camera away and just enjoyed–until the fireworks started! Next year, Gem is getting a tranquilizer!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday USA

  1. Beautiful photos!!!! I love night photography but I’ve never had the opportunity to shot fireworks! Must be more difficult than just shotting the stars or in the streets at night, right?


  2. Thanks Mercedes. I do appreciate your comments. Once I got over the fear, I found shooting fire works easy. Basically start with ISO 100, aperture at F/14, shutter between 10 – 20 seconds. Use a wide lens. Because we were so close, I put my lens at 18 mm. Anything closer was soft. I cropped in quite a bit during processing. When I used a 20 second shutter to get more bursts in, I got a lot of white. I don’t think that would happen if you were shooting at a further distance and true aerial fireworks. Basically, it’s all guess work and luck! Would love to see you shoot some.


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