It’s not going to be a pleasant summer here in California. We’ve had more triple digit days in June than I remember during the entire summer in past years. So, we went to another museum. I’ve posted images from the Aerospace Museum of California before, but the exhibits change. I’m hoping I won’t be repetitive.

Our Tuesday group got there when the museum opened at 10 a.m., giving us an hour outside before the heat drove us inside. I did a lot of HDR outside in the planes and was happy with the results. Inside proved to be more of a challenge. I took the camera off the tripod and tried close ups and long angles.

Most of the planes are from the WWII and Vietnam wars. Although the docents are wonderful with their knowledge, I was busy shooting what I could before the heat became unbearable. Inside is mostly engines and smaller planes. Some of these planes are on loan and will be rotated with others as they come in.

It was a fun morning and somewhat challenging in the heat.


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