See, this is what happens. I had a very busy weekend with the grandkids sleeping over, and today, I’ve been shopping at the grocery store and helping my husband pack for his astronomy weekend in Aidn, California. I handled phone calls: 1. to get someone out here to fix my air conditioner up stairs and 2. to find a new home for my Toastmaster Photography club, All About Photography. I did a load of laundry and walked the dog. I just looked up at the clock: almost 3 p.m. I got a lot done, but didn’t prioritize in my 2 to 3 hours of editing study.

I know that a know a new habit takes a fairly decent time to implement. I’m hoping to do better next week. We usually eat early on Mondays so I can get to my All About Photography Club meeting on time. I’ll prioritize some time on Wednesday while I wait for the air conditioner repairman to come.

Okay, now that I’ve confessed, I want to show you images from another trip to the Yolo Wildlife Area. I’m still learning how to use the new/used F/4, 300 mm lens. On this trip, I found out that it’s not easy for me to handhold. And, you can’t use a tripod/monopod in a car. Normally, I’d rest it on the window (which is rolled down). But most of the birds inconveniently located themselves on the driver’s side. I was the passenger, and my friend Laura was the driver.

But it was a worthwhile trip, and I did learn more about handling the lens. Laura showed me that pumping up the ISO was necessary for a faster shutter speed. I’m reluctant to use a high ISO because of grain. I don’t think the grain is too bad.

Let me know what you think!


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