A place revisited can bring surprises. That’s the way it was with the West Sacramento River Walk. Marlene and I had been there with Greg Morris (who passed away in January) and returned recently with Camera Totin’ Tuesdays members.

But what had changed? The geese had goslings, more homeless were around, and different vendors were selling their wares at the farmers’ market. Oh, and Karen brought her 3″ crystal orb for us to practice with.

So, you’ll see different images in this post. What did I learn? I learned that shooting through a 3″ orb is more difficult than a 4″ orb. However the 3″ is much lighter to carry. Weight is a consequence when you’re a senior. In spite of that, I did purchase a 4.2″ orb. But, I have yet to practice with it.

I’m becoming more confident in my photographic journey. The more compliments I receive, the more positive about my abilities I get. That’s why I don’t mind going back to places I’ve already shot at. I see things differently and can find those surprises.


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