It was hot! It seemed like summer had arrived. By the time our Camera Totin’ Tuesdays group arrived at the Griffith Quarry, the sun was baking us. I don’t carry a backpack because I just can’t handle the weight on my shoulders and back. This is just another problem of starting this hobby as a senior with certain health issues. I’ve solved the problem by wearing a vest that’s stuffed with all my stuff. Not all are like me though. We have Tom and Jim who are a year older and have been shooting for more than 30 years are more physically fit than me.

Back to the sun. Fortunately, the quarry, a registered California Historical Landmark that was a granite quarry,  was mostly in shade. I guess I was expecting more, but then expectations are sometimes not met. However, I did get some good images. This is a lesson on looking for things in the not so best of circumstances. I’m learning from the experienced members. I watch, listen and then follow example. Jim is especially helpful in pointing out opportunities and how best to capture them.

While two in our party decided to call it a morning after the quarry, four of us moved on to the Traylor Ranch Nature Reserve and Bird Sanctuary. This is a park has 90 acres for Equestrian  and hiking Trails, and is a bird Sanctuary and wildlife reserve. I really want to go back there in the winter when there’s more chance of catching wildlife and birds. We didn’t see much of either. I was carrying my 18 – 140 mm lens which couldn’t capture the few birds that were high and far away. Needless to say, we stayed only about an hour and then rewarded ourselves with a delicious lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

Lesson learned, bring two lenses or carry two cameras. Go with great people who are fun and informative. Also, go out early or late during the hot weather. Whew!



4 thoughts on “Of rocks and open space: Griffith Quarry and Traylor Bird Sanctuary and Preserve

  1. Sherry, I totally understand! When I started shooting, I was trying to keep up with the younger photographers. Then I started Tuesdays With Seniors with my photo buddy Greg who has since passed away. Our pace was slow and mostly ride and shoot. Now with the Camera Totin’ Tuesdays, the more able members are cognizant that some of us move more slowly or can’t do as much. I think they just have fun when they go out with us. Take care and keep those doors coming!


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