I asked fellow photographers in the car, “Who knows where we’re going?” None knew, except that we were meeting at Karen’s and were taking off in two cars with Karen in the lead. This was sort of a first for us. We’d never had two cars, and we were reasonably sure of where we were going. Fortunately Karen knew exactly where we were going and the cars were able to stay together.

So, you’re asking, where did we go? To Rutherford! Where? It’s a small Napa County town that caters to wine tasting and  delicious but high priced lunches. We ate, but did not wine taste. Of course we stopped at various places there and back to shoot, and we shot in Rutherford. We also re-visited the city of Napa. And, now that Tom is shooting with us, we stopped for ice cream! Ben and Jerry’s to be specific. Yum!

What did I learn? I learned that with good friends you don’t have to know exactly where you’re going–trust and your friend will get you there. Oh, I also started using some Nik software. Google is giving it away free right now. It’s probably being discontinued.


4 thoughts on “More Tuesday fun: Rutherford, California

    1. Thank you Sherry. I’ve been enjoying your photos too. I think Google isn’t going to support it any more. I also have On1, but need to learn it before I upgrade from Photo Suite 8. There’s so much to learn!


  1. Sounds like a good lesson Anne, I find the same, I can always find things to take photos of, but it is so much better when you just go somewhere with friends. Great shots.


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