Now, you’re curious and really want to know what I lost: not a camera or lens–my photos! I knew I had an outing to show you, but it didn’t show up on my hard drive. I found it in Lightroom, my photo processing program. The only thing I can conceive that happened is that I accidentally deleted them after I processed the batch. It’s either that or there’s a little gremlin living in my computer and playing jokes on me!

Fortunately, I hadn’t taken them off the SD card yet. The trick, after I downloaded them again, was to transfer my Lightroom edited images back onto the hard drive. You have to fool Lightroom a bit, but I did it. Now, all is well.  Take that gremlin!

I put the effort into this because I wanted to show you how they make metal prints. The tour of this print shop, Large Metal Prints, was fun and educational. As a bonus, they gave us each a free 6 x 9 inch print of one of our images. The next week, I had two more 8 x 12 prints done. You don’t need to put these in a frame, and they come out beautiful. These were the first of my pictures I’ve had printed to put on the walls.

And, before we went to the print shop, we stopped and shot photos at the Martinez Regional Shoreline. It’s a pretty little park with walking paths and bridges. We had just enough time to do a brief walk around and grab lunch.

In the future, I’ll be more careful with my images. If I lose a batch, I might not be so lucky to still have them on my SD card.

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