I really shouldn’t have, but I needed to. A week of being a couch princess, I needed to get off the recliner and out of the house so I took advantage of Tuesday’s with seniors. I told photo buddy Greg that I would sit in the back seat, foot up and bring a book along if I got tired and couldn’t shoot. Marlene occupied the front seat.

I packed light, got in the back seat, put my foot up on a pillow and readied for my day out. We went down to Locke so Marlene could experience the small town. As Greg says, every time he goes back, he finds something new to shoot. And we did. I found it difficult to shoot, not bend down and see the possibilities through the discomfort. Oh, if you just came into the story, I had minor foot surgery a week before this outing. I was still in the “shoe,” sitting on the recliner part of the couch and was going crazy. Right now, I’m once again on the recliner with my foot up because I was on my feet a good part of the morning.

Getting back to the Locke trip, Greg always goes down different roads. You never know where you’ll end up and what you’ll be taking pictures of. I had fun, was exhausted and, knew before I saw them, that my shooting was off and pictures weren’t super. I didn’t care.

So I did what i shouldn’t have but needed to. Enjoyed it. Here’s the results.

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