Politics, I really don’t want to get into that subject, but I am showing you images from a Civil War Re-enactment. So, indulge me with one question: Why has it taken so long to gain equality since that epic war? Okay, two questions: Are we there yet?

Last post’s commentary was regarding the Union camp Marlene and I just happened to walk into because it was closer. The Confederate camp was a little down the road, and the Gibson Ranch pasture land between them was reserved for the battle. I was amazed at how few participants the Confederates had. There were about 1/3 of the tents than in the opposition camp. One of our photographer’s husband was wearing a Confederate cap and was asked to join in the battle against the Union. They lent him a uniform and off he went on his adventure.

Of course, his adventure was the battle of Appomattox Court House , fought on the morning of April 9, 1865. It was one of the last battles of the Civil War and a Union victory. I was wondering how they would re-enact the scene. We did see gun fire (not real bullets) and men (and women in this case) fall to the ground. Soldiers came in on horse back, guns blazing. However they were at the other end of the pasture, and my 300 mm lens couldn’t capture the shot with pinpoint focus. It wasn’t until the battle came closer that I was able to get good shots (with my camera). All in all, they did a pretty good job of presenting a production of this battle.

You can see for yourself in this second post that contains shots of the battle and the Confederate encampment. All politics aside, it was a fun and educational day.

One thought on “Back in time: Civil War Re-enactment, Gibson Ranch, Elverta, California, part 2

  1. Hello Anne, Great photos. Brings back some memories.

    This post in your archives caught my eye. I used to belong to The National Civil War Association and took part in a number of reenactments. I “fought” with the 2nd Massachusetts Cavalry, aka the California 100.

    While the battles were fun as both a spectator and a participant I thought that there was more to be learned during the camp walk throughs.

    Yes we did fire blanks in the battles but accidents do happen.

    I took part in the 135th anniversary reenactment at Gettysburg and someone was actually shot! The story goes that a reenactor borrowed a revolver from someone who at some point before the event had been live firing the gun. When the gun changed hands, neither of the men checked the gun to see if it was empty or loaded.

    Luckily the man who was shot got a minor wound in the leg and was able to honestly claim that he was wounded at Gettysburg.

    I left the NCWA just before Gibson Ranch was selected as a venue. My understanding is that they put on quite a comprehensive educational program there.

    You briefly mentioned politics. One reason that I quit the club was that I was tired of arguing with the Confederate participants about slavery while we gathered around campfires after the public left. The other reason was that I started coaching high school track and my wife gave me the choice of which I would rather give up, coaching or reenacting.


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