I saw images, read posts, heard about taking clients there; but I had never been there. Where? Folsom Lake! So photo buddies Greg and Linda joined me and we went to Beeks Bight, a popular photogenic spot. Greg had been there before, but Linda and I hadn’t.

It was sad and beautiful at the same time. The lupine were blooming (the reason most professionals take their portrait clients there), but the lake’s water level is so low. You could imagine what it would look like with a full water level. The drought is really taking its toll.

Drought or not, this area of the Lake has always been called Beeks Bight. A bight is a geographical term for a bend or curve in any geographical feature,or can refer to a large (and often only slightly receding) bay. Beeks has something to do with whom it’s named after.

This name is often written incorrectly, it’s strange. But, the area is pretty. Since Beeks Bight, I’ve been on other shoots, and you’ll be seeing those images as soon as I can finish editing them. Meanwhile look at what I saw, read and heard about.

2 thoughts on “I had to go there too: Beeks Bight, Folsom Lake, Granite Bay, California

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