I’m not a lover of guns. In fact, they scare me. But I did have fun at the Single Action Shooting Society’s contest at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center in Sloughhouse.

We went there to see what our family members, Richard and Sandy, spend their time with and travel the western states for. In this shoot, everyone dressed as cowboys and cowgirls. Yes, women shoot too. The buildings were facades with targets behind them. The club members are scored on their accuracy and time which is converted into their score. Each member rotates from one building facade to another, completing the circuit during the two-day activity.

While they are waiting for their turn, members tend to their rifles and pistols, cleaning them. They also make their own bullets. And, they visit, talking with each other. It’s truly a fun time. And, it’s not just for adults. There were two 10 year old boys shooting.

So, while I’m not a lover of guns, I can appreciate the skill involved in shooting, the passion of its members and the safety this club provides. There are a lot of images in this post, but I hope you’ll look at each one to understand the fun of this activity.

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