You know we use our dogs as an excuse or motivator to exercise. They know it and pretend they want to go for a walk. There’s the reality: they walk us! It was on such a walk that I received a surprise.

I had agreed to walk with Richard and Gem at their new place, Dry Creek Park. They have a new playground and sort of trail. When I go to Dry Creek, I walk along the creek with my camera to practice. This time I knew we weren’t going to the creek, but I need a shot for my 365 challenge so I brought my camera.

Now you’re probably wondering what the surprise was…wildflowers! My dog had this all planned out! So enjoy the walk that Gem took us on!

4 thoughts on “Dog walking human: A surprise at Dry Creek Park

  1. Dogs have an amazing way to make our lives more beautiful! I would never have it any different. Thank your dog from me, for the beautiful flower shots 🙂


    1. As seniors, we find the dog’s companionship a delight. We’ve always had dogs in our life. They were especially fun when we were raising the children. I hope you always have a dog’s love in your life!

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      1. We adopted our precious Lisa last year. She turned 12 in December, and I must say, no one ever made me happier, in my life. The unconditional love, a dog provides, makes our days sunny. I also hope you will enjoy the company of your dog for as many years as possible.


  2. We now have Gem, a Schnoodle, he’s almost 5 years now. I hope Lisa lives a long life. She was lucky to be adopted at an advanced age.


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