Photography may be ducky, but most of the wildlife at the Las Gallinas Ponds were ducks! And to go that far, about 90 miles each way, to find mostly ducks wasn’t ducky! At least we found sun, and other things to shoot.

The ponds are next to a water treatment plant, so I was hoping for more wildlife than we saw. I looked at images posted by photographers who went there the day before, and it looked like there were more large birds. I’m thinking it may be the time of day also. We left Sacramento at 8 a.m. and got to the ponds about 10 a.m. But, we walked the trail, met other people and found good stuff to shoot.

I had difficulty shooting the larger birds (mostly gulls) in the air because I’m having a difficult time holding my 300 mm lens still. This is something new for me. I guess it’s back to the gym. I need more upper body strength.

So here are some images. Don’t worry, I won’t burden you with a whole lot of ducks! This will be a two-part post.

2 thoughts on “Photography is just ducky: The Las Gallinas Wildlife Ponds, San Rafael California

  1. Nice shots Ann – I am taking a mobile photography class at the Placer Adult School. The teacher is awesome – the class starts end of February for 3 sessions. Let me know if you want to go or more details.


    1. Thanks Christine. I’m interested, but it depends on the dates. You know retirement is busy! I’ll contact you through Facebook.


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