Can the 365 challenge a success after 5 days? I truly don’t know, but so far so good. I’m in an accountibility group, and that helps me post each night. Oh, the session with Gem has to be redone. One of the photographers gave me some great advice–that is until she typed something to do with hyperfocal length. My head has stopped spinning now! Actually, I have heard and read about that, but I think it’s beyond my math abilities and understanding. So I will take the rest of her advice and try again right after I post this blog.

Also, I signed up for a free online course that lasts a month. It’s all good except for the amount of emails that appear in my box each day! So far after four lessons in Module one, I haven’t learned anything new. But, there are more lessons and three more modules.

I’m hoping all this effort shows in tonight’s image of Gem. Now for the birds on the Marina Bay Trail.

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