I missed a couple of photo Meet-ups because I had (and still getting over) a cold. I was so bummed. I think I’ve gotten very attached to my camera! So, when I went to scrapbook with friends, I brought my camera and manual to study. You see, I didn’t have much photo cutting and pasting to do and I just love being at Betty Carol Smith’s home. I explained that I was going to fill time (we had four days) so I could stay at least three of the four days. That’s when she told me about the farmers’ market in her community–Sun City, Lincoln, California I’ve never shot produce before; what an opportunity!

I had fun. It was cool that most of the residents thought I was from their local, internal newspaper. I also had an opportunity to talk to a gentleman about photography; I was able to help him sort out his photo needs and send him to Action Camera (Where I’ve left a fair amount of money!) and get their professional opinion. And, of course, there was the dog lover who I chatted with, swapping stories about our pets. Oh yes, I did take some photos. The funniest part was right after I set up a group of tomatoes to shoot, a woman came and picked up the largest. Oh well, I’m still learning how to do street photography.

I’m hoping to get some photo shooting time in this week. I do miss it!

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