I can’t believe it’s been 26 months since I got my Nikon D3100. I remember the first time I used it at the Balloon Festival in Windsor California. We took our trailer and stayed overnight so we would be there bright and early–meaning 4 a.m. They woke us up via a loud speaker. I got dressed quickly, grabbed my camera and ran out into the dark. I had a great morning and afternoon. And, I haven’t stopped enjoying shooting images. But, now I have a Nikon D7100 (which I’m still getting used to) and additional lenses, a new tripod and two camera sling.

I do look like I know what I’m doing when I’m decked out in my photo vest and cameras. But, do I? I certainly know more than I did back in Windsor, but there’s more to learn. With patience and perseverance I’m getting there. New software helps too. I’ve fallen in love with HDR. I recently tried night photography and had a lot of fun. I’m thinking it might be better in the Fall or Winter when darkness falls earlier.

I took my D3100 across the country in 2013.  Turning this blog into a travelogue and posting daily has firmly etched three months worth of memories into my memory. This hobby has become my passion. It has taken me to places I probably never would have visited. It has helped me meet wonderful people who care enough to help. Where would I be without Jayne who gently pushed me toward HDR? Or Mary who recently put my camera on manual?

Have my pictures gotten better as time passed? I think so. There’s always the element of being at the right place at the right time; but, I think it takes the ability to see the shot and compose it. Now, I’m learning the technical aspect to photography.

Photography has also helped me see the world differently. I notice more now. I’m seeing light differently. Some architecture amazes me. I appreciate old stuff. Where will I be in another 26 months? I don’t know. This hobby is something I haven’t pushed, but relaxed with. My goal is to overcome my fear of the technical.

Here are some images from then and now.


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