It’s tough. It’s tough to go to a Disney park and have a bad time even when you are suffering from a cold. And, this cold just won’t give up! The day after we went to the Animal Kingdom, Richard and I moved the family to another time share. So, moving day, we did nothing but moved suitcases and set up the two bedroom suite while the all the kids were in a park. We didn’t mind because we weren’t feeling up to going.

The next day it was raining and cold in the sunshine state, so we stayed at the hotel. Greg started setting up the booth at the trade show. Yes, vacation was over from some of us.

This brings us to yesterday, Sunday. Jess, Richard and I took the little ones into Disney Studios. You’ll read more about that and see some images maybe tomorrow.

Right now Richard and I are relaxing with the grandchildren while their parents are working the trade show. And, I’m taking the opportunity to at least start this blog about the Animal Kingdom. I just loved that park. There’s a lot for the children to do, and the decor is wicked wonderful. I was a little disappointed with the Safari ride mainly because the road was so bumpy and it was difficult to take pictures. I carried both cameras, and thanks to my new sling, I was comfortable all day. Richard, the grandkids and I are going back tomorrow, but I think I’ll just take one camera. After all, I still have the cold and the going is sort of tough.


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