Why do I insist on learning the hard way? I haven’t had, or taken, the time to fully learn the D7100 before I used it at the Sacramento Wildlife Refuge  on Friday. So, that meant I lost a couple of potentially good shots because I was trying the camera on different settings without truly knowing how to set them or get out of the setting. I’m also having trouble with the auto focus–way too sensitive. There’s probably a setting that will help, but!! And worse, I left the camera’s field guide at home.

Now, I’m going to make sure I prioritize time for the camera and me! In spite of that frustration, my friend Sandy and I had a wicked good day. I finally used my sling with both cameras, and it made shooting easier because I didn’t have to switch lenses. Most of all, the sling made carrying the cameras comfortable. It was worth the cost.

We got to the refuge about 2 p.m. and stayed until sundown. This was a Meetup originally scheduled by Dennis Ariza, Wildlife and Landscape group. Even though I couldn’t go on Saturday, Dennis allowed me to post my shots on the website. If you are local to the Bay Area and surrounding California communities and do photography, check out this Meet Up group. Dennis always has interesting places for us to go to.

One good thing about going out during the week is the quiet as you walk around. It was peaceful. By the time we got onto the auto tour, the sun was starting to set, and the marsh took on an orange glow. We saw one “fly up” by the snow geese, but I wasn’t too thrilled with my images as compared with last year’s. I’m beginning to get more picky. We ended the drive with a nice sunset that lit up the waters.

That was Friday and today is Sunday. I still haven’t picked up my manual, book or field guide for the D7100. I’ve got to set that priority. Today I’ll show you some images, excluding the eagle. Tomorrow more about the eagle. Suspense!


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