Do you have a place where you live that you’ve been meaning to get to but never do? I’ve lived in the Sacramento, California area for 13 years now; I pass this big red sculpture on the I80 freeway all the time, but have never taken the time to see it up close. Yesterday I finally visited the Olympus Point Sculpture Park.

This sculpture by Aristides Demetrios is called “Cosmos,” and was dedicated to the Roseville, California community in 1990. I was between activities and brought my camera along with the intent to find the park and take images of the large red sculpture. I was disappointed and delighted. Disappointed because the area around the sculpture was not kept very, well and in some areas the sculpture needed re-painting. Delighted because it was fun to photograph from all angles. I started out with my 18 – 55 mm lens and then went back to the car to switch to my 10 – 20 mm lens.

There is a nature trail near the sculpture. I saw people coming and going, but I didn’t have time to investigate. Now when I pass the big, red sculpture while driving, I can have the satisfaction of having been there.

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